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When Criticism Comes Remember Your Calling

Anytime you want to make a difference, there will be critics. Every difference maker faces opposition. Nehemiah experienced resistance first hand. The critics showed up in Nehemiah 4 as the wall started going up. They continued taunting Nehemiah and his crew throughout the process. To the critic, rebuilding the wall seemed impossible. They rooted for […]

God’s perfect timing

When you’re waiting for something, God’s perfect timing can often feel unhelpful because it doesn’t make it easier. So, what is God’s perfect timing, exactly? Paul, an early church leader, gives us a glimpse of it in Titus 1:1-3. Paul reminds us that God “does not lie.” Then he reminds readers that God’s promises have […]

Stay Connected

The Internet is a powerful tool. It’s the place we go to stay in touch with friends, watch videos, listen to music and shop for just about everything. As long as we’re connected to the Internet, we can seamlessly move from page to page. But the second our Wi-Fi connection is dropped or service goes […]

A Risk Worth Taking

Love is a risk.  It requires us to be vulnerable, to be patient and to trust. To love fearlessly, to love each other regardless of the risk of rejection and heartache, takes courage. But the only way to really experience love in life is to be brave and let people in. When you choose to […]

I have a purpose!

In Ephesians 2:4 -10, Paul teaches the people of the Ephesian church (and us) You are forgiven, free, gifted, valuable, blessed, you have a hope, and a purpose! It doesn’t matter what lies we’ve been spoon fed throughout our lives, telling us we are worthless, hopeless, useless, pointless. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are […]