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A Christ follower’s hope is not the same as unfounded optimism. It is confident expectation and assurance that our future is based on God’s love. When you experience something difficult, such the death a loved one, a divorce, financial trouble or physical illness, it can be easy to lose hope  You’ve probably wondered, “Why is […]

Display of Love

Love. It’s a complicated thing. Every generation tries to understand love, fall in love, and explain love. People have gone to extremes to display their love for others, and thousands of years ago God did just that for each of us. In Romans 5:8, Paul tells us God demonstrated His love for us this way: […]

Burden Carrier

We all carry burdens, and we carry them through our daily lives,  and to bed at night. It’s hard to get out from under them. Sometimes our burdens are a result of past mistakes. Other times, they are out of our control. Things like financial debt, relational strife, unexpected illness, and hurt from our past […]

When life spirals out of control

Sometimes life spirals out of control, and no one seems to be there to help. When our earthly support system disappears, it can often feel like God has abandoned us, too. Being in the midst of a storm is hard, and feeling alone in that storm is even harder. In Psalm 22, David voices his […]

Where do you take cover?

Pretend for a moment that you’re standing outside in a blizzard with only a t-shirt on comprar viagra barcelona. Would you refuse a jacket if one were offered to you? In the midst of freezing temperatures and billowing snows, the warmth a jacket provides would be more than desirable. Not many of us would stand […]

We are weak but He is strong

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12). In our desire for control, our yearning to have all the answers now, we pick the way we’ve rationalized to be best. On the surface, this way may not seem bad. We work hard. We help […]