We all carry burdens, and we carry them through our daily lives,  and to bed at night. It’s hard to get out from under them. Sometimes our burdens are a result of past mistakes. Other times, they are out of our control. Things like financial debt, relational strife, unexpected illness, and hurt from our past weigh us down. Even though we don’t wake up rejoicing over carrying these burdens, in most cases we can’t sweep them under the carpet, they are too overwhelming.

Fortunately, David points to God as our great burden bearer in Psalm 145. To be a burden bearer means to understand and carry all our troubles and grievances for us. This does not necessarily mean God will take away all our burdens, but that He is with us in them, and He “…upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down” (Psalm 145:14).

The amazing thing about God is that He is not only willing to bear our burdens, He is able. David reminds us that:

God is gracious, compassionate and loving (v8-9).

God provides for all of our daily needs (v15-16).

God is near to those who call on him (v18-20).

Handing off our heavy burdens starts when we humbly admit, “God, I’m in over my head. I need your help.” We can trust that He is faithful and will come to our aid.

We are mere humans, but He is God who’s “greatness is unfathomable” (v3). He is not standing on the side-lines when life gets tough. When you are ready to collapse, call out to God. He is ready to help.