When I was around 9 years old and living in Northern Ireland, my mum & dad said they were going shopping for a surprise for me. I thought they were going to buy something for my vast Action Man collection. But, when they showed up hours later with a small table and chair, so I had a place to do homework in my room, I was really disappointed. They gave me what I needed, but I did not understand the value of it until years later when I had grown and matured. The gift they gave me to help me learn and grow was much better than anything I could have wanted for my entertainment as a young child.                                          

  In a similar way we see Jesus promising a gift to the disciples that they would not understand and appreciate until later. The disciples did not understand how anything could be better than having Jesus physically with them every day. So, in one of the last conversations Jesus has with His disciples before His death, He warned them about things that were to come. He told them what was going to happen to Him, and He promised them that even when He left, that He would not leave them alone. Jesus knew that the disciples were worried as He talked about His death. In response to this He explained to them why it was necessary for Him to die and the gift He was sending them, the Holy Spirit, who would help them.                                          

Jesus had to finish what He came to do. Without His death, He could not take away our sin and redeem us. Unless He rose again, death would not be defeated for us. Unless He went back to the father, the Holy Spirit would not come to guide us into all truth. What a gift the Holy Spirit is to us. We have the Holy Spirit to comfort us, to teach us truth, and to direct us to Jesus in every moment.                                      

God has given you an amazing gift as a believer. On this Pentecost Sunday you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. This is an amazing gift that’s proof to us of God’s constant concern, protection, direction and power for each of our lives. Let’s spend a few moments today and thank God for this incredible, amazing gift.