In John 6, Jesus performs the only miracle, apart from the resurrection, that is repeated in all four gospels. Feeding 5,000 men with only five loaves of bread and two fish reminds us that God can provide for our every need. No matter how great our problems seem or how hopeless our situations appear, God will provide. That promise should give us peace.
The disciples had doubts. Philip said eight months’ wages would not buy enough bread to give every person even one bite. Andrew
found a small boy willing to share his food, but questioned the worth of the mega meal with so many mouths to feed comprar viagra generico. Despite their
doubts, Jesus supplied the crowd with more than enough food, showing He is a generous provider. He doesn’t just want us to have enough to get by; He wants to bless us beyond what we can imagine. Jesus’s disciples focused on the severity of the problem rather than the sovereignty of God, seemingly forgetting all the miracles Jesus had performed already. Let’s not repeat the same mistake. When life confronts us with tough situations, remember God’s provision in the past and trust in His future faithfulness.