I knew the story, I’d read it dozens of times but several years ago John chapter 13:1-17 changed my life forever. We see Jesus washing smelly, dirty, calloused feet with His own holy hands.

Jesus could have easily impressed the disciples with His résumé. ‘Creator’, ‘Sustainer’, ‘Sovereign Lord’, ‘King’, ‘Messiah’, to name a few. Instead, in the most remarkable turn in all of history, the Son of God removed His clothing and acted as a slave. The one most deserving of position chose servant as His appellation and humility as His attitude.

Jesus, the most important person in the room, began washing the disciples’ feet showing His disciples that in God’s economy, greatness is shown by humility, through service and sacrifice, and by laying it all down to honour God.

If we’re honest, we all spend a good bit of time trying to make a name for ourselves rather than laying our name down for Jesus. Our desire is often to become great in the eyes of men, rather than God. What would happen if those who claim to follow Christ actually followed His example by laying down their titles, their positions, their status, their status symbols, their posturing, their influence and became servants of all?

The Bible says that the 11 men in that room “turned the world upside down” by laying it all down and becoming servants of all. What are we waiting on? Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.”

Be encouraged by Jesus, and serve as Jesus served.