What we learned from Soul Survivor

This summer, the youth headed to Soul Survivor Week B! 5 days of fun, food, camping, (not)showering and worshipping God.

The highlights

Perhaps more a low-light than a highlight (well – a highlight for the leaders!) was the day 4 morning meeting where Mike Pilavachi asked for everyone who hadn’t showered yet to stand. Let’s just say that the vast majority of our group stood up…

Unmissable this year was the self-service slushy machine. A selection of perhaps 12-14 slushy flavours to mix and match to your heart’s content. All the usual flavours were there like strawberry and lemon & lime, in addition to red bull! We’ve decided that Soul Survivor must hate youth leaders…

The worship

The worship needs a heading of it’s own. It was an amazing experience to worship God with 8,000 other young people and (not so young) youth leaders. We let ourselves go a bit and got lost in wonder. We also prayed for each other and saw God move in some incredible ways – even some healing both in our group and in others at the event.

God kept us all safe and the weather was fantastic the entire time.

Pumped for Soul Survivor 2019! Sign-up sheets will be available soon.

Love & fist pumps,

The Bethel Youth leaders

Youth 2017/18 in 2 minutes

2017/18 has been epic at Bethel Youth! Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to recap on what we’ve been up to…

So we started out as we meant to go on – a mini Olympics followed by a monster pudding party. A good balance, don’t you think? Who remembers the rivalry of our season of Red Vs Blue? Two house teams going head to head each week from active group games to who-can-make-the-best-queen-made-out-of-plasticine. Obviously! Keep your eyes and ears out for Red Vs Blue 2018/19!

We had Christmas with a difference – no traditional takeaway and Santa visit like in the past. No! We took on a mystery murder evening challenge. Did you work out who killed Santa?!

Then there was the all-you-can-eat Toby Carvery (*mouth watering*), May the Fourth and rock climbing socials.

One of our biggest values in Bethel Youth is RESPECT. We talked a lot about respecting each other, watching out for our friends going through difficult times, and respecting ourselves in a big online world. We also took time on Sundays to talk about who God really is, things to learn from John’s first letter, and we started thinking about how to be open with others about our faith.

We welcomed year 6 newbies in to Bethel Youth at the end of June, took our first Bethel Youth trip to Spree, and waited hand-and-foot on 80-ish hungry guests at our curry fundraiser!

What about new additions? Did you send your pics and tweets to our live social media board on Friday? Has the new XBox One been a good addition? How much do you love Pit? Have you joined us on SnapChat?

It’s safe to say it’s been a good year – and it’s not over yet! The best might be yet to come as we head to the penultimate Soul Survivor Week B!

Who’s excited about Bethel Youth 2018/19?!

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Much love & fist pumps,

Bethel Youth Leaders