This week we’ll stop collectively and come together to praise God for who He is and what He has done, and for the year ahead. We are made to thank God. We are built to praise Him (Romans 1:20). The Bible says that trait isn’t singular to us. All of Creation is made to thank and praise and love Him. All of Creation has an awareness and an inherent awe for our Creator and Provider.
In Psalm 19:1-6, the heavens declare His glory. The skies proclaim the height of His love. They pour forth speech. Their voice goes out into all the earth. There is a reason for that; our God is so beyond our comprehension, so holy, so beyond our words that even nature joins us in our efforts and responds in praise.
The last sunrise you caught, where the sky went from grey to orange to brilliant in a matter of minutes, was the heavens’ “thank you” card to God. The same should happen in our own hearts; our praise for God should live there, a continual hum of adoration and thanksgiving. We were made for it . The chaos of everyday life can diminish our response to Him. It can cause our affection to dull and gather dust, but we were made for greater praise, especially as we rediscover the height of His love.