When presents are placed under the Christmas tree, I guess we all look for one with our name on it and the size of it! But  often it’s the tiny parcels bearing your  name that  bring such wonder and excitement.  Many times these tiny presents hold more value than the larger ones.

Sometimes I find scripture works the same way. Matthew 1:23 is a small verse with a small phrase packaged inside. “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” —which means, “God with us.”  “God with us,” is such a small phrase, but the meaning is invaluable. Jesus’ name, Immanuel, means, “God with us.” God, who created us, left heaven to live with men. He came to show us Himself and the way to life. I have the hope that my Saviour loves me so much He gave up the comfort of heaven, even His own life, for me. He walked down dirty paths where animals passed for me with the same feet that walked streets in heaven. He experienced hunger for me; although, He had created everything men eat. He subjected himself to rejection and extreme pain for me, having done nothing to deserve it. He experienced a broken world in order to heal it.

We have hope. If Jesus loves us that much, He will take care of us. Because God came to live with us, we know how to live with Him forever. Have you committed your life to Jesus? Have you accepted his gift of forgiveness? This Christmas, we won’t find hope in any of the gifts we find under the tree, but we can find it in this small phrase, “God with us.”