Pretend for a moment that you’re standing outside in a blizzard with only a t-shirt on comprar viagra barcelona. Would you refuse a jacket if one were offered to you? In the midst of freezing temperatures and billowing snows, the warmth a jacket provides would be more than desirable.

Not many of us would stand bare armed in a blizzard and refuse a jacket. We do, however, often refuse refuge from an even harsher environment. The tumultuous storms of this world can knock us clean off of our feet. However, we often find ourselves running toward the storm and away from the protection of a loving God.

When we refuse God, we also refuse His goodness and His blessings. When we turn away from his outstretched hand, we turn away from the protection and warmth He longs to give us. Nothing this world can offer us, even the good things, will ever lead to true contentment. The only thing this world has to offer us is a temporary fix that deceivingly leads to more emptiness.

Fortunately, we serve a God who holds more fulfilment, love, peace, healing and security than we could ever ask for. Ephesians 3:20 says God’s good is beyond our wildest imagination, and far greater than anything good this world has to offer. If we let go of our good things and open our hands and hearts to receive God’s goodness, we will have more good in our lives than we know what to do with.